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Lest We Forget Special Exhibition

We are pleased to announce that our special exhibition ‘Lest We Forget: Rugby and the First World War’ will be extended into 2016. Many people believed that rugby’s values – patriotism, physical fitness, comradeship, fair play and discipline – reflected … Continue reading

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The Story of the Lion

Visitors to Twickenham Stadium may be familiar with the golden lion that graces the top of the Rowland Hill Memorial Gates at the entrance to the West concourse. The lion has not always been gold.  When he first arrived he … Continue reading

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Who’s in the plates? Sporting intrigue at Devizes Flea Market

The following conversation took place in the local flea market in Devizes one Tuesday morning. “Those pictures are of Gloucester playing”, “No they’re not, they’re wearing the wrong colours” “I’ll show you, I’ve the original plates to go with them!” … Continue reading

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Remembering Twickenham’s First Groundsman

My name is Michael Leslie Rycroft, I am the proud Great Grandson of Charles Hale, Twickenham’s first groundsman, a position he held for 39 years. My mother was so proud of her rugby roots and her connection with Twickenham Rugby Ground. … Continue reading

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