Lest We Forget Special Exhibition

We are pleased to announce that our special exhibition ‘Lest We Forget: Rugby and the First World War’ will be extended into 2016.

Many people believed that rugby’s values – patriotism, physical fitness, comradeship, fair play and discipline – reflected those of the armed services and the allied cause. Rugby players were often held up as models for others in society to follow.

Featuring stories of rugby players from many different countries, and all levels of the game, the exhibition is an opportunity to view many objects and images brought together for the first time in this unique exhibition.

Michael Rowe, World Rugby Museum Curator, said: “The First World War had a huge impact on society in England and Europe. There were strong links between rugby and the armed forces, with many representative rugby players at the time fighting in the war. This exhibition is about commemorating fallen heroes and bringing to life their stories.”

Please check our ‘Opening Times & Prices’ page for details on how you can visit the exhibition.

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  1. Nigel McCrery says:

    The Internationals stories can be seen here.


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