England and Wales stars of the future line up in 1989

The England Wales rugby fixture is currently enjoying a golden age. The fixture is one of sport’s most historic and competitive and in recent years has decided Grand Slams, 6-Nations Championships, Triple Crowns and World Cup campaigns.

In 1989 England Colts took on Wales Youth in a fiercely contested match in front of a lively crowd in Torquay. Several stars of the future took part and the game was recorded and preserved by Mr Barrie Gledhill who oversaw proceedings that day as a touch judge.

Many years later Barrie submitted the film to the World Rugby Museum. Here is a clip showing the two sides singing their respective anthems. The Colts and Youth teams were the proving grounds for the rugby stars of the future and consequently there are quite a few famous young faces in the line-ups. See if you can identify them!

If you have any home-recorded historic rugby footage, that you would be willing to share us, let us know!


Click here to watch some highlights from the match.

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13 Responses to England and Wales stars of the future line up in 1989

  1. tackler7 says:

    Phil Maynard played for Wakefield RFC and a couple of weeks ago played for Morley Vets versus a joint Wakefield and Sandal Vets XV.

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  2. tackler7 says:

    Jon Wray tuned pro with Castleford, later moving to Wakefield Trinity and Hull KR. I have a vague memory that he was one of the first players to be subject to a transfer fee when he returned to Union (Gloucester ring a bell?).

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  3. tackler7 says:

    Only four of the England players went onto won full caps, Hopley, Mallett, Johnson and Ojomoh. How does that fair against earlier and later years?


    • It seems to vary. In the equivalent match in 1979, only 1 player, Peter Winterbottom, went on to win a full cap. Whereas in the 1995 England Colts v Wales Youth game, 6 of the team were later selected to play for England: Fraser Waters, Trevor Woodman, Philip Greening, Phil Vickery, Roy Winters and George Chuter.

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  4. rhymboy1 says:

    …And at first glance (and that’s all it is), there could be three future Wales Caps here, amongst others who got close. The three I note are Scott Gibbs (who?), Andrew Lamerton and (if it’s him) Ricky Evans the sub. Did Matthew Silva get a full cap? Far too late for the wing to be earlier cap Alun Donovan. Any other thoughts/contradictions/people keen enough to get the books out?

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    • Dean says:

      It was Scot Gibbs and Andrew lamerton, none of the others had full caps.matt silver had b cap before going north. And it was Anthony Donavon on the wing and Richard evens scrum half on the bench.


  5. chris Jenkins says:

    I played in that very game. Cant beleive i found this. Chuffed to bits. Cant wait to show this to my boy.


  6. Chris Jenkins says:

    Not Ricky Evans, it is Andrew Lamberton. Matt Siva did not get a full cap, but should have and the A Donovan was Anthony.


  7. Thanks for all the comments so far. Keep following the blog and we will put some match highlights for this fixture up soon.


  8. Dean says:

    Yes I would love to see some footage as well.it was a very hard match and I honestly felt Wales should have won the fixture. some great players on the field that day and many still involved with the game today.


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