Less than 3 weeks to go!

cropped-dq_vlxxxuaacxjqFebruary 2018 will see the World Rugby Museum reopen its doors to visitors in the South Stand of Twickenham Stadium after a year long relocation project.

The World Rugby Museum is the definitive home for everything and anything about rugby.  Featuring more than three times as many objects, the new museum will display memorabilia from around the world and from all eras, making it a must visit for all rugby fans.

“The museum began its life in 1996 as the Museum of Rugby before re-branding as the World Rugby Museum in 2008.  The new development gave us the opportunity to properly describe the evolution of rugby cultures around the world”, says museum curator, Phil McGowan.

“Rugby union has a uniquely compelling story, from it’s creation myth and development at Rugby School through to the modern day,” he added.

“We’ve tried to describe how the sport has responded to and been subject to broader social contexts such as early professionalism, war, apartheid and gender equality.”

“At the same time we will celebrate and share all of those great players, teams and individual moments of brilliance that live long in people’s memories from one generation to the next.”

“I’m a little bit biased but I believe that we have one of the best sporting collections in the world. This includes the world’s oldest international football jersey of any of the codes, and the world’s oldest international football trophy, the Calcutta Cup, which is a national treasure and has its own fascinating individual history”.

The new museum will also boast purpose-built events, education and research facilities as well as inviting visitors to engage in the game with exciting hands-on interactive exhibits.

“The interactive area builds on and improves upon our previous What Kind of Rugby Player Are You? concept. Visitors will be able to test their physical attributes using scrum machines and other high-tech equipment and we’ve also added a Rugby Pathways element for those interested in becoming a coach, physio or referee. Museums are not just about history but also the here and now and one of primary goals is to encourage participation in the sport”.

Most visitors will combine a visit to the museum with a Twickenham Stadium Tour which are also run by the museum.

Visit www.worldrugbymuseum.com to find out more.

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