Arts Council Full Accreditation


The World Rugby Museum is pleased to announce that it has been conferred full accreditation, nationally styled, by the Arts Council England.

The accreditation standard is a nationally agreed certificate of organisational health that demonstrates that a museum inspires the confidence of the public, funding and governing bodies.

As a ‘World’ Rugby Museum we are obliged to meet the same standards as venerable national institutions such as the British Museum and the Natural History Museum. That these standards have been met demonstrates the quality of the museum’s function both front-of and back-of-house.

“After a £1.8 Million pound investment we are confident that our museum is now a benchmark within the wider sports heritage sector. Achieving accredited status with the Arts Council demonstrates that our back-of-house functions are of the same quality” – Phil McGowan

The award comes after a wholesale review of the museum’s policy, business plan and mission statement, which is ‘to celebrate and share the unique history, culture and tradition of rugby union in all its forms, wherever and by whomsoever it is played.’

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2 Responses to Arts Council Full Accreditation

  1. rhymboy1 says:

    And very well deserved too! Well done Phil McG and team! Phil Atkinson.

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  2. robsymington1 says:

    Well done – obvious, regular hard work going into this museum. It’s been great to see some of the exhibits that have been displayed recently whilst researching!

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