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Kent v Sussex 1866 – the world’s first representative match?

John Honeysett’s recent book ‘The History of Brighton Football Club (Rugby Union)’ provides a shake-up for established rugby historical orthodoxies. Amongst a number of claims is that Kent and Sussex contested the first county match in 1866, four years before Lancashire met Yorkshire for the first time in what is believed to have been the first representative match of any kind. Here John explains… Continue reading

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Old and New – a look at the changing nature of rugby committees, by Keith Gregson

Sunderland RFC’s historian Keith Gregson gives pause for thought about rugby club committees – past and present… Continue reading

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Who is Eric Bole?

Who is Eric Bole? During the 1940s, he was an English rugby player of outstanding ability—profiled in 1945 by The Times as “a forward of high promise”—and yet, he never managed to earn his international cap for England… Continue reading

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Richmond FC at War

When we talk about our playing days we casually throw out words which suggest we were engaged in a sort of warfare, but for an awful lot of our predecessors at Richmond Football Club the words had a harsh and vivid reality… Continue reading

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Thomas Cook’s Rugby Club

The book, Thomas Cook’s Rugby Club 1910-1966, tells the story about the life and times of the illustrious travel firm and its rugger club… Continue reading

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William Webb Ellis, Are You Mad?

In the late 1960s the Rugby Football Union began making plans to celebrate its 1971 centenary year. As part of the programme of events a film was commissioned that would tell the story of rugby union, from its origins to the present… Continue reading

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The Longest Kick in Rugby Football

Some kicks seem to have been destined for immortality be they penalty goals, drop goals or the now long forgotten scoring device called goals from a mark…  Continue reading

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