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Jack Dallas – A life devoted to rugby

There are many personalities in the history of rugby union who have played a pivotal part in the development of the sport.  Few though have played a significant part as both player and referee in matches that are still recalled … Continue reading

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Rugby’s Greatest Upsets Part One – Scotland v England, 1871

In 1870 football enthusiast and administrator Charles W Alcock arranged an international football match between Scotland and England in London.  It ended in a tie so another game was arranged which England won.  Scotland was incensed.  Not by the result … Continue reading

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Abercrombie, Wilson and the Battle of Jutland by Phil McGowan

In 1889 Great Britain passed its Naval Defence Act. The act instituted a commitment to maintaining naval supremacy by servicing a navy of equal size to both the second and third largest navies in the world. The policy served shipyards … Continue reading

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150 years of the Glasgow Accies…

Founded on 21st April, 1866 at a meeting held at the Glasgow Academy in Elmbank Street, the Academical Club played its first recorded football match, against West of Scotland FC, in January 1868 at Hamilton Crescent. In 1870 Glasgow Accies … Continue reading

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Trend or tradition?

Last year an article in the Americas Rugby News pointed out the modern trend of international teams selecting foreign born players. In this article Richard Steele takes a look at the history of Scottish selections to determine whether this really … Continue reading

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Flower of Scotland

I was recently looking through a collection of miscellaneous photographs in the World Rugby Museum when I came across on from the 1950s showing the rugby team of Gordonstoun School. Glancing at the back of the photograph, my attention was … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget – David Revell Bedell-Sivright (Scotland) 05/09/1915

Triple-Triple Crown winner, hardest man ever to play for Scotland,  horse-wrestling captain of the British Lions,  heavyweight boxing champion, pioneer of the wing-forward role, jackaroo and surgeon in the Royal Navy. David Bedell Sivright was a man of many parts, … Continue reading

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