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Alan Rotherham – the Original Half-Back

When international rugby began in 1871 it was a twenty-a-side game dominated by forward play and protracted scrummaging. In 1877 the number of players was reduced to fifteen. Over the following decade and a half the number of forwards slowly decreased as the number of backs slowly increased and teams discovered the benefits of a more attacking, open game, utilising running and passing backs. This extract from Frank Marshall’s 1892 book ‘Football the Rugby Union Game’ describes this evolution and pays special notice to Alan Rotherham, credited as the innovator behind the development of the half-back role. Continue reading

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and His Passion for Rugby

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle invented one of the best loved literary characters in history – Sherlock Holmes…it is interesting to now revisit the tales and uncover his frequent and unmissable references to sport – and in particular, the game of rugby. Continue reading

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“How Newport Won the Springbok’s Head”

When the South Africans came to Britain in 1912, under the captaincy of W. A. Millar, they brought with them a stuffed Springbok’s Head, to be presented to the team who first defeated them.  They had the trophy with them at Newport on October 24th: it went no farther, for they were unexpectedly beaten… Continue reading

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Who was Frederick Whitehead?

Frederick Whitehead (1853-1938) was born in Leamington Spa into a humble family of bricklayers, but his father had a strong interest in painting and set up an art restoration business from the family home… Continue reading

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Remembering Alan Bean

Remembering International Referee Alan Bean (1902 – 1986) Continue reading

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A Walking Tour of Rugby Town with Karl Quinney

For many of the thousands of visitors that come to explore Rugby from across the world, it is an enlightening experience. And for the most ardent of rugby followers and enthusiasts, it is a pilgrimage of sorts and one of those places to tick off your proverbial bucket list. Continue reading

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How to become the Rugby Photographer of the Year

Rugby Photographer of the Year is a competition that will celebrate the very best of rugby photography, both amateur and professional, culminating in a two-month exhibition here at the World Rugby Museum Are you a professional or amateur photographer that … Continue reading

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It’s a Grizzly Experience When Alex Packs His Boots

Alex Marsh, a 22-year old match official, flew to the other side of the world in June to tell the KYBO! community about the exciting refereeing opportunities that exist if you are willing to pack your boots and travel.  The … Continue reading

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Jason Leonard – England’s most decorated player

Early in Jason Leonard’s career he was asked to complete a survey by his club Saracens. He listed ‘tackling, scrummaging and strength’ as his strengths and the same three attributes as his areas for improvement.  Although he described packing down … Continue reading

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Did Webb Ellis pick up the ball? Who Cares! by Dai Richards

‘Understanding the Origin and Evolution of Sport’ by Dai Richards is out now. Here Dai gives us a taste of what’s inside. There’s no finer sight than a man who’s picked up pace, running hard with the ball in hand, … Continue reading

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