League officials went on to respond to a paper stating that director Andrew Rogers is inquiring about possible connections between the team and a firm called Worldwide Image Management (WIM). “Leicester is familiar with charges against club regarding payments for rights to historic image,” Tigers said in a statement. “Club has partnered with Premiership Rugby, who are inquiring about historical issues, and met with Premiership Rugby officials to consider complaints. “Leicester will not provide any future statements as long as issue is being investigated.”
WIM stopped its activity in February but was said to have previously made payouts to Leicester players. An inquiry led by Rogers will try to find out if payments were pay increases for individuals involved, thereby violating wage cap rules. Such a dramatic follow-up of events occurs just in that season when team just returned tomain premier league. As we all remember last season, Tigers spent in lower division of English rugby, which was a penalty for them for multiple violations of wage limit. “The coherent policy is that we will never confirm or deny if there is or is not an inquiry in process,” a Premiership Rugby press officer stated . “The salary cap director is constantly examining issues regarding the salary cap and it would be wrong, and could possibly jeopardize an inquiry, if we were to affirm anything.


Source: https://www.rugbypass.com/news/premiership-investigation-opened-over-potential-leicester-breach-of-salary-cap/