In the results of 2021 in The Telegraph, Moore said that Lion’s style of play is very suitable for the level of world championships. After all, they won a 2-1 streak after a penalty kick beat Morne Steyn at the Cape Town World Cup. Perhaps such a change in the team’s tactics and style of play was due to the absence of Finn Russel in the first two tests. This change was noticeable even to the audience, especially during the guests’ game in the third test when the Scotsman replaced Dan Biggar at 11 minutes.
Yes, the team was able to take control of the situation despite being one step away from being defeated in the second test, but that was still not enough to win the final.
“Getting in the game and losing the game of attrition that suited their hosts, South Africa, was an avoidable mistake.”
“Finn Russell’s inability to participate in the second test might have forced Warren Gatland to help, but the ambition needed to wrest the initiative from the spring boxes did not materialize until the end of the decisive third test, when it was too late.”
Such results cannot but be frustrating. From such an eminent coach and no less strong team much better results were expected, of course the second place is good, but it’s still not the champions title.