Do you want to improve your rugby bets and make some extra cash? Then check out our article which shows you the most important factors influencing the outcome of a game. Let’s get started!

Head to Head Record

The number 1 statistic you should check out if you want to predict the outcome of rugby matches is the head-to-head record. This record compares every contest that has been played between two teams and tallies the wins, losses, and draws. To use this stat accurately and bet successfully, you should only look at the head-to-head record for recent matches where the lineups were the same.

The weather will impact the style of a rugby game. For example, if it is raining you could expect the forwards to run with the ball a lot, and there to be lots of territorial kicking. While if it is dry and sunny you could expect the backs to run with the ball out wide and the number of kicks to be reduced. Certain sides specialize in particular weather conditions. This means if it is raining you should bet on a team with a strong forward pack and great kickers while if it is hot and sunny, gamble on sides with fast wingers and an awesome flyhalf.

Location Of Match
Winning a rugby game is tough but what is even tougher is winning when you are playing away from home. Homefield advantage plays a big role in the outcome of matches as traveling teams often struggle to adapt to the new environment and the screaming enemy fans can really affect their performance. Due to this, we recommend you stick to betting on rugby teams that have home-field advantage. One of our favorite wagers is always betting on South Africa to win when the match takes place in South Africa as historically teams struggle to perform when playing there.

Before you bet on a rugby game you need to analyze both teams’ starting lineups and take a look at which players are injured or unavailable. If a star player is hurt this can significantly alter the outcome of a game. We like betting against favorites who have a key player injured such as a halfback or flyhalf. If a team is without their number 1 half back or flyhalf they will often fail to set up their offense properly as both of these players are in charge of directing the action and play a conductor role.

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