If you are only making match winner rugby bets you could be drastically decreasing your winnings! To maximize your win rate we are going to share with you our favorite and most profitable rugby wagers. Let’s get started!

Over/Under Number Of Points

One of the most profitable bet types is an over/under on the points scored in a match. With this wager, the sportsbook will make a prediction on the score of a rugby game and then you need to decide if the true score will be higher (over) or lower (under) than the betting site’s prediction.
The sportsbooks try to pick a number that makes the wager close to a 50/50 but they often get it wrong as they are unable to account for all of the different factors that influence the score of a game. Due to this, there are opportunities to profit! To make more accurate predictions you should look at a range of different stats including:

  • The average number of points scored by Team A and B
  • The average number of points conceded by Team A and B
  • The average number of points scored and conceded at the ground where the match is taking place

Number of Penalties In A Rugby Match

If you know anything about rugby you know how much influence a referee can have over a game. Whenever a referee awards a penalty the team who received the penalty has the opportunity to kick for a goal and instantly score 3 points. Many teams have won matches by simply kicking penalty goals.
If you are looking for a simple but highly profitable rugby wager then try predicting the number of penalties in a game. This bet is typically set up as an over/under which means you don’t have to guess the exact number. To improve your success you need to research the referee and analyze the average number of penalties he awards every game.

First Half Winner!

If you are looking for a new twist on a match winner wager, then this is the bet for you! In this wager, your goal is to predict which team will be winning after halftime is called. To succeed with this wager you need to find teams that start strong and often score lots of points in the first half. Fiji is a team that is famous for starting matches with a flurry of tries.

Bet On Rugby!

Simply pick one of the 3 most profitable rugby wagers and place money on the next big game. If you combine these wagers with a bit of research you should have no problem getting sky-high odds and winning big!